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A Medical Translation Agency You Can Trust

Medtrans is a leading translation agency in Australia, with over a decade of experience delivering quality scientific translation solutions to the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. As a medical translation company, we understand the unique challenges of the medical translation industry, placing accuracy, expertise and confidentiality at the heart of our medical document translation services.

Our certified medical document translators are fluent in the complex language of medicine, and are qualified subject-matter experts in a range of disciplines, from clinical research to veterinary science. With a large team, we cover more than 130 languages, and can collaborate to translate your medical documentation under even the tightest of deadlines.

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Medical Translation Agency in Australia
Medical Translation Companies



Medical Translation Agency

Medical Document Translation

Medtrans specialises in translations for the medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary industries. After all, it is not enough for someone working on the translation of medical documents to understand the languages involved. That is an essential skill, but it is equally important that the translator fully understands the document they are translating.

Clinical Research Translation Services

Clinical Research

Clinical research is being conducted today on an increasingly global scale. It has never been easier for experts around the world to collaborate on innovative medical and pharmaceutical research projects. As this international clinical research industry grows, so too does the need for experienced translators.

Insurance Translation Services


With people now travelling and living overseas in unprecedented numbers, the international health insurance industry is experiencing rapid growth. An increasingly multicultural customer base means that insurance translation services are in high demand.

Medical Devices Translation Services

Medical Devices

The rapid globalisation of the medical devices industry presents considerable opportunities for manufacturers. It has never been easier to access international markets and achieve growth on a worldwide scale. However, this strictly regulated market brings its own challenges.

Pharmaceutical Translation Services


The pharmaceutical industry is considered to be one of the most competitive in the world. Pharmaceutical companies must navigate comprehensive patenting regulations and manage intense competition from generic drug providers in order to get their drugs to market.

Veterinary Translation Services


Veterinary translation is a uniquely challenging discipline. With its own distinct terminology and abbreviations, it is significantly different from human medical translation.

Regulatory Compliance Translation Services

Regulatory Compliance

To remain competitive in today’s medical industry, companies must cater to a growing number of major international markets. Each market is tightly controlled by its own regulatory and governing bodies, presenting a unique set of challenges to medical, pharmaceutical and biotech organisations.


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across more than
150 languages

Medtrans is a leading provider of specialist medical translation, with over a decade of experience delivering quality translation solutions to the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. We understand the unique challenges of the medical translation industry, placing accuracy, expertise and confidentiality at the heart of our services.

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Skills, experience, and commitment – that’s what the Medtrans team is all about.

Making sure that our clients receive their precious documents on time is at the centre of Jeanette’s work.

Jeanette LuProject Manager

Annika looks after our account clients from the insurance and veterinary medicine industries, ensuring service consistency and on-time delivery.

Annika HausmannKey Account Manager

Matching a talent with a project is what Kate’s work is all about. She thrives in a busy, multicultural environment and keeps her cool even in the most challenging situations.

Kate EvansTranslator Relations


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