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We recently needed two research projects translated into English to help guide the course of research in our own study. We employed Medtrans to complete this translation, and are very happy with the results. The translator understood the medical terminology used and provided a high-quality and accurate translation.

Ashlee (Sydney)

We provide medical insurance for Australians travelling abroad, and regularly use the services of Medtrans when our clients make claims on their policies. This includes translating reports written by doctors, so medical expertise and confidentiality are essential. Medtrans delivers this service professionally and accurately.

Chris (Sydney)

Our pharmaceutical products are used in several countries around the world, and we continue to expand into new markets. This means we have a constant need for translation services in order to make our documentation available to regulators, doctors, pharmacists, and more. Medtrans provides us with this service to an exceptionally high standard.

Bernhard (Melbourne)

We are a start-up company in the medical device sector with a product that is experiencing significant growth in a number of markets around the world. All of those markets have strict regulations in place, so we use Medtrans to ensure the accurate translation of our documentation.

Joy (Manila)

We launched some of our anti-inflammatory products into two new markets, so we needed all the documentation relating to those products translated. This included everything from clinical trial documentation for the regulators to patient information leaflets. Medtrans handled the entire process, providing us with two translators, both with medical experience. We couldn't be happier with them.

Claudia (Sydney)