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Veterinary Translation Services

Veterinary translation is a uniquely challenging discipline. With its own distinct terminology and abbreviations, it is significantly different from human medical translation. Due to its highly specialised nature, finding a qualified veterinary translator is somewhat more difficult.

Our services in this field

Medtrans is one of only a handful of providers to offer qualified veterinary translators. We are deeply committed to being the best veterinary translation service provider. We have a large team of certified translators and editors with extensive professional experience of the veterinary industry. We provide a comprehensive service and can assist you in a vast range of language projects, from the translation itself to proofreading, editing and laying out. Our translators have seen, understood and processed countless veterinary documents over the last decades, including veterinary reports, case report forms and labelling. We have also assisted in animal welfare and pet transport projects, and are known for delivering high-quality documents on time.

Documents we commonly translate:

  • Drug regulation dossiers
  • Summary of product characteristics (SmPCs)
  • Clinical study reports
  • Clinical research protocols
  • Case report forms (CRFs)
  • Patient information leaflets (PILs)
  • Product packaging and inserts
  • Labelling
  • Veterinary reports
  • Product monographs
  • Regulatory documentation

Additional services

In addition to our veterinary translation services, we offer proofreading, back-translations, editing/laying out, transcription and data entry. Our capable team is always eager to take on new challenges, and given our capacities we can usually accommodate new and challenging projects comfortably.


All of our veterinary translators are accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) as a minimum standard, and we can also provide US- and EU-accredited translators as needed. We work in over 130 different languages and dialects, covering all major medical and clinical research markets. Translators work in their native language, and are conversant in all related veterinary terminology in both the origin and the source language.

Quality management

After being translated and proofread by a certified member of our team, the work is inspected methodically to assure absolute linguistic, cultural and technical accuracy, and compliance with all relevant regulations. You can also opt to have your documents proofread by one or two native-speaking, independent, editors with expertise in the veterinary field. There is also the option of typesetting to ensure your document has a professional, ready-to-publish finish.


We fully understand the sensitive nature of veterinary documents, and have measures in place to ensure all necessary compliance. All our veterinary translators are subject to binding non-disclosure agreements, and we can also sign additional confidentiality agreements if required.

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