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Psychology Translation Services

Why Use Our Psychology Translation Services?

We at Medtrans know that many of your clients may not all be fluent in English, whether they are in a school environment, the courts or when recruiting new employees. This means you will have to get your psychology tests and psychological test results competently translated by a company like ours which offers one of the best psychology translation services in Australia.
By translating your tests into the language of your clients there is a greater chance your test results will be reliable. Once they have completed the questions for the psychological tests on the document given in their language you will need to get their answers translated into English so you can assess their answers. Medtrans offers psychology translation services in more than 150 languages so you can guarantee we can find a suitable certified translator to undertake a translation of your psychological tests and provide a psychology test results translation competently as well.

Additional Services

There are many additional services and benefits offered by Medtrans, including:

  • Expertise in all areas of psychology translation
  • Perfect translation accuracy that you won’t be able to fault
  • A high degree of quality control that guarantees you get the high quality translation you pay for
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of all the psychology documents sent to us and the translated material that’s returned to you
  • We provide translation services for psychology documents anywhere in the world
  • We offer an ultra-fast turnaround which means you never have to wait for your valuable translated documents.


As one of our additional services we offer competent translators who have been accredited by National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia. This is one of the most highly regarded certification translation authorities in the world and this certification ensures the translator we allocate to your psychology translation is the best available globally in your language. This is the sort of competency you pay for and therefore deserve.

Quality Management

Don’t worry – we don’t just leave your psychology translation in the hands of a single translator like other translation services might do. We ensure that the quality of our translations at Medtrans is overseen by a second equally qualified translator who will go through your psychology translation with a fine tooth comb. You can’t expect better than that from any other translation services. Don’t forget that another one of the additional services we provide is the final translation is proofread too by another pair of eyes.


  • Recruitment materials
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Dossiers
  • Research protocols
  • Pre-clinical documentation
  • Patient and clinician information guides
  • Investigator brochures
  • Informed consent forms (ICF)
  • Medical records
  • Patient diaries
  • Patient reported outcomes (PRO)
  • Case report forms (CFO)
  • Clinical study report forms
  • Questionnaires and surveys

What Psychology Test Documents are All About

Psychologists use psychological testing of people, organisations or groups in order to provide useful information about their thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, or about cognitive functions to do with learning and memory.

Psychological tests are a formal procedure using reliable and validated measures of the features of a person’s cognitive or psychological functioning. Psychological tests could include test documents that require the use of pencil and paper such as surveys and questionnaires or they could be completing puzzle-like activities which can evaluate specific skills related to memory, planning, or problem-solving.

Psychological testing documents may be used by a potential employer to assess applicants for a job. The sorts of questions on these test documents assess the skills the applicant has in key areas for a particular job. There are also times when a psychologist may use a testing document to assess the ability someone has to competently manage their own day to day affairs.

Other situations where psychologist testing documents are used are when a psychologist is asked to assess the ability of a child who appears to have special learning needs, for people who have brain injuries, or for older adults whose memory is declining. Other psychologists may be asked to provide psychology assessments following psychological tests which may be used by a criminal justice system, or provide their opinion to the courts on issues related to child custody.

Confidentiality in Psychology Translations

Everyone these days worries about confidentiality, especially when they release documents to recipients they don’t personally know. At Medtrans we know that you are unlikely to meet any of our translators or other staff personally, as most of our work is conducted online. Don’t worry about confidentiality in psychology translations! Our translators are told that it is vital not to share your documents with anyone else or allow anyone to view their work on the devices they use to undertake your translation.

At Medtrans, we have security measures in place to minimise the chance of the loss, misuse, or alteration of private and personal information you may have provided to us, including your psychology documents. We never keep any private information any longer than we have to and then we securely dispose of it safely when we no longer need it. Only people we authorise will be able to access the data stored on our servers, and only after providing approved username/password combination(s).

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