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Overcome Language Barriers in Health Care

Medical Translations Help to Overcome Language Barriers

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Health workers dealing with people they can’t understand have to find a way of communicating and breaking down the language barrier.  There could be all sorts of problems if the health worker is unable to get the right message across. In the United States, for example, almost 47 million people over 5 years of age speak a language other than English while at home. Out of that number at least 25 percent have a limited knowledge of English. This means that at some time or another a health professional is going to have to communicate with people who don’t speak a sufficient amount of English. They have to ensure no misunderstanding takes place and there are no barriers to communication in health care.

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basic medical terminology

Basic Medical Terminology is the Health Care Community’s Language

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Medical terminology is the language used by health care providers to help them become involved in fruitful shared experiences when it comes to administering health care. The language is not only used by nurses and doctors but it is equally important amongst all workers in the healthcare industry. This could include medical assistants, medical billers and medical coders. Workers who get paid to work in the medical field won’t be able to communicate well if they don’t have a thorough understanding of medical terminology that’s current in the medical environment. They won’t feel immersed in the medical community and may even misunderstand communication encounters amongst fellow medical professionals which could have an impact on providing medical care.
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how language barriers impact patient care

How Language Barriers May Affect Patient Care

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In the U.S., individuals in 1 in 5 homes speak a language that’s not English. Research shows that in parts of the country where the English proficiency is less, so are good health outcomes. Those with limited English are more likely to be readmitted to hospital and spend longer in emergency rooms and as outpatients and are more likely to be exposed to adverse medical events. Read More

An Expert Medical Translation Service Helps to Save Lives

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The whole medical world is unforgiving to mistakes that take place in medical settings.  Just one simple mistake made by a nurse, doctor or other medical practitioners could leave a patient crippled or even lead to complete loss of life. This sort of event is not acceptable today under any circumstances but is entirely avoidable especially if the error is due to a misunderstanding caused by language. Read More

Language in medical fields

Language Barriers and the Medical Field

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The medical environment is one that attracts the most criticism if medical errors are made, especially if a loss of life is involved or a serious disability is inflicted on an individual. This happens only too often in many different medical settings including in a pharmacy when a pharmacist has written the wrong instructions on a bottle of tablets due to the ineligibility of a doctor’s handwriting. This sort of situation is easily avoidable had the physician taken a minute or two more in writing the instructions. Read More

Family Member

Medical Translations Should Not Be Done By Family Members

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Most countries admit that they don’t offer enough back up to those people in their countries who don’t speak the country’s native language well. Situations arise when a person who doesn’t have full command of their host country’s language falls sick. When this happens, medical staff will want to ask a lot of questions when determining the possible source of the sickness. This is to ensure that the right diagnosis is established. Often a healthcare interpreter is not available to interpret so a family member takes on the role. Read More

Expenses in Medical Translation

Why Are Medical Translations So Expensive?

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Medical companies have to trust their medical translation service as it’s such a highly specialized field and the translation needs to be accurate. This is why this type of translation is so expensive. Medical companies are fully aware that any language mistake may well put a patient’s outcomes at risk. Due to the unacceptable cost of medical mistakes and the financial burden of malpractice lawsuits and product recalls, medical companies prefer to pay a little more to get a reliable translation as they have an important need for translation. Read More

Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpreting is Moving into Video Conferencing

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The medical field is one that has a reputation for taking on new technology when it becomes available. This benefits both the health professionals and the patients they treat. One of the newest types of technology to become available is a video remote interpreting (VRI) service. It allows non-English-speaking people who find themselves in need of medical help a better chance of communicating effectively and accurately as quickly as possible. Read More

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