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If you manufacture products for use in the medical field, it’s essential you get any product information translated into the likely languages of the users. This helps to protect you from a lawsuit if your product is misused and causes an accident and subsequent injury. It also ensures the product is used correctly so the user benefits the most from it.

This is a Good Time to Hire a Medical Translator

Before you start the process of getting your product information translated you will need a medical translator to do the job. The translation industry is experiencing growth as more and more companies and individuals see the need to keep clients informed in their native languages. This means accessing the services of a well qualified medical translator is relatively easy and there are translators available that cover more than 200 of the commonest languages.

The Sorts of Information that is Usually Translated by a Medical Translator is Normally Contained in

user manuals showing the user how to use the product correctly;
product packaging and information with the details about the product found in the packet;
patient information leaflets telling patients how to use the product;
clinical research information;
summaries of the product.

Benefits of Using a Medical Translator

One of the most important benefits is to the patient who has to use the product. He or she will be much happier and more relaxed if the product is described in a language that can easily be understood. It ensures to the patient that the product will be correctly used and any potential side-effects are easily recognised and understood.

Many health products are reviewed by the health boards and medical professions in a variety of countries around the world before they are approved for release. This includes reading about the adverse drug effects when a drug is taken concurrently with another and any other potential side-effects. It’s essential that this product information is displayed clearly in the languages of the countries where the product is to be marketed.

Localisation is key to the sales success of any product and that means presented all the details about the product in the languages of the countries where the product is to be marketed. Hiring a good medical translator who knows their own language and the target language like the back of their hand is the best person to use. This knowledgeable translator will ensure the correct idioms are used that reveal the nature of the product so that likely buyers will have a clear picture of the medical product and its application.

Qualities of a Good Medical Translator

The best medical translator always proofreads, re-reads and analyses every part of the text that has been translated. A quality translation with attention to detail is one of the most important outcomes from a good medical translator.

A high-quality medical translator will ensure that human translation is emphasised and will not depend on a machine as a source. This means accuracy is guaranteed and misinterpretation is avoided.

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