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Our Translation Service is Now Part of the ZircoDATA Family!

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ZircoDATA Pty Ltd, a leader in records and information management from governance through to storage, digitisation and destruction, has acquired our mother entity Xine Communication, one of the largest translation service providers in Australia. This acquisition extends ZircoDATA’s portfolio in conversion services in complementary sectors including financial, government, legal, medical and professional services. Read More

Help To Cure Patients

An Accurate Medical Translation Can Help To Cure Patients

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One of the keys to administering treatment and appropriate healthcare to patients is good communication taking place between patients and healthcare providers. This often becomes more difficult when working in multiple language settings where a common language is not shared. It’s not just verbal communication that’s important but also being able to understand the medical history of patients and any ailments that they suffer from. Read More

Importance of Clear and Useful Communication

The Importance of Clear and Useful Communication in the Healthcare Setting

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The importance of communication in healthcare is without a doubt one of the most important ways of providing the healthcare that patients expect and deserve. It not only improves patient satisfaction but it improves the overall health status of the patient too.  This is the perfect scenario but unfortunately, it’s not always met because the means for good communication aren’t always in place. Read More

Healthcare Environment

The Role of an Interpreter in a Healthcare Environment

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What’s the Usual Role of an Interpreter in a day to day Setting?

Overall, the role of an interpreter is to enable communication to take place between two or more individuals who are unable to understand one another because they don’t speak the same language. The interpreter isn’t responsible for what is actually said by the parties who need to understand each other but is responsible for making sure that what is said is accurately communicated in the language required. Read More

Worker Should Have Many Good Qualities

A Healthcare Worker Should Have Many Good Qualities

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Anyone choosing to work in the healthcare environment should have empathy towards people who need healthcare. Being in the hospital or seeking any kind of medical treatment is a stressful time for anyone, so life becomes a lot easier if healthcare professionals are tactful and caring when handling patients in these situations. Apart from having the ability to care about others, there are other qualities one would expect from someone working in the healthcare environment. Read More

Materials Translated by Medical Translators

Medical Translations are in a Field of Their Own

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There are many reasons why a medical translation is required and it’s not just to aid communication between medical professionals and their patients but there is a bit more to it than that. Every year numerous medical devices, drugs and other products are marketed by companies around the world. Research about diseases and finding ways to cure them are taking place in countries that don’t speak English. This is where medical translation plays a major role. Read More

Medical Terminology Affects Patient Care

How Medical Terminology Affects Patient Care

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Like any country with its own language, the medical field has its own too. This is so communication between medical professionals can take place quickly and efficiently without the need for too much explanation. It’s a specific language that is not just used by nurses, doctors and other people who are actively involved in the medical arena but it is important for all other people in the medical industry, such as pharmacists and dentists. Its use can have a significant impact on ensuring the best patient care. Read More