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5 Compelling Reasons for Translating Your Veterinary Clinic Site

By April 5, 2017September 5th, 2018Translation Facts

People who own pets or who even keep farm animals for commercial reasons often need to use a veterinary clinic. This is to get their animals treated for ailments or to undergo compulsory vaccinations and testing for communicable diseases. They need to be able to understand the services offered by the clinic and how much they cost.

Today, people come to live in Australia and other English speaking countries from all over the non-English speaking world, but they are not necessarily fully fluent in English. However, this doesn’t stop them from owning pets or purchasing farms as long as their immigration status has been approved by the host country’s immigration rules.

Pets and other animals like people have health problems that need professional treatment from vets. One of the most difficult problems for new migrants is fully understanding information that’s not in their native tongue when visiting a veterinary clinic or reading about its services on its website.

There are a number of further reasons why a vet should get the clinic’s website translated into the key languages used by its clients:

  1. The website user feels more comfortable reading about technical services in their own language so they feel at ease.
  2. It allows them to learn about treatments used for conditions that could affect their pets or farm animals
  3. It can widen the range of potential clients because the website will attract more customers if it has a greater readership due to the language possibilities.
  4. It’s great for vacationers travelling with pets who don’t speak the native language of the website as they can learn about the clinic’s services and arrange an appointment if their pet needs treatment.
  5. A multilingual veterinary website will improve the overall professionalism of your business and reveal its potential to a greater variety of clients and their pets. It will make your clinic appear better than competitors.

The sorts of services that your vet clinic probably offers includes regular health checks which are particularly important as pets on average age from 5 to 8 times faster than us. By aged 7 for some larger breeds of dogs, for example, old age has become a fact of life.
You know how important it is for a pet to have an annual health so you can diagnose potential conditions and provide appropriate treat or even suggest preventative measures to help to stop the pet getting seriously ill.  Your clients who don’t speak your language won’t know about your services or will not be able to fully understand what you offer such as the health screenings you make available for cats and dogs such as:

  • Checks for parasites
  • Heart checks
  • Dental checks
  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis.

For Older Dogs you Probably Carry Out

  • Checks for Osteoarthritis
  • Chest examinations
  • Thyroid checks
  • Blood pressure checks.

You will attract more clients if you translate your website into their languages as they will feel more comfortable and will better understand how they can help their pets.

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