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Translation Role in the Medical Industry

Translation Plays a Key Role in the Medical Industry

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Medical translation services who undertake medical reports translation can’t afford to make mistakes as there is too much at stake if those who need the translation fail to understand it or misunderstand it. A medical reports translation if not done well can create the wrong image of what the report is all about. Apart from medical reports, there are many other different types of translations required in the medical industry. Read More

Cheap translation services - Quality of translation

Healthcare Language Services: Don’t Use The Cheapest!

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In many countries around the world, there has been an increase in immigration of speakers of languages that are not spoken in their host country. This has placed tremendous pressure on both healthcare professionals and patients who in many situations need to be able to communicate effectively to ensure no misunderstandings take place. In the United States alone the number of speakers of a language that’s not English has increased markedly over the last 20 years to about 47 million people.   Read More

Medical Translation Can Be Hard to Translate

Medical Translation Can Be Hard to Translate

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When a translator specialises in medical document translation, he or she has a big challenge ahead, as a medical translation is never simple as there are word equivalents that need to be found that fit well with the source and targeted languages.  One of the biggest problems is at the word level and not so much finding grammatical equivalence but the precise meaning. Read More

Quality Of Translation Be Measured Using Numbers

Can The Quality Of Translation Be Measured Using Numbers?

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Most translation services wholeheartedly agree that translation quality can be measured to some extent by counting the errors found in the translation. Of course, some mistakes are more serious than others, so this makes it more difficult to assess the quality of translation just based on mistakes alone. One way to make counting the number of errors more scientific is to allocate a grading of the errors for each translation. Read More

Pharmaceutical Translation Challenges

The Challenges Faced in Pharmaceutical Translation

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All translation is important to somebody, somewhere. It is a tool that links up people, connects businesses with customers and clinches multi-billion dollar business deals. One of the most important translations involves the pharmaceutical industry.
In a world where drug experimentation is commonplace and once new drugs are released they find themselves on the shelves of pharmacies throughout the world. Once a pharmaceutical product leaves the factory it is difficult to trace its final destination so it must be well prepared with an appropriate translation that can be understood by the recipient. This means when the job of translating the documents that comes with the products, only the very best will do. Pharmaceutical translation challenges can only be overcome by the knowledge and specialist skills of translators who have a firm grasp of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Medical Translation Problems and Solutions

Medical Translation Problems and Solutions That You Should Consider

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Medical translations are some of the most difficult to complete by an ordinary translator and need the skills of a specialist. It’s preferable that anyone who attempts to take on a medical translation task should have some sort of medical qualification so that they have firsthand knowledge of the medical terminology which is most frequently used.

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basic medical terminology

Basic Medical Terminology is the Health Care Community’s Language

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Medical terminology is the language used by health care providers to help them become involved in fruitful shared experiences when it comes to administering health care. The language is not only used by nurses and doctors but it is equally important amongst all workers in the healthcare industry. This could include medical assistants, medical billers and medical coders. Workers who get paid to work in the medical field won’t be able to communicate well if they don’t have a thorough understanding of medical terminology that’s current in the medical environment. They won’t feel immersed in the medical community and may even misunderstand communication encounters amongst fellow medical professionals which could have an impact on providing medical care.
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Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpreting is Moving into Video Conferencing

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The medical field is one that has a reputation for taking on new technology when it becomes available. This benefits both the health professionals and the patients they treat. One of the newest types of technology to become available is a video remote interpreting (VRI) service. It allows non-English-speaking people who find themselves in need of medical help a better chance of communicating effectively and accurately as quickly as possible. Read More

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