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Language Services Available to Healthcare Providers

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More and more non-English speakers reside in the United States than ever before and this trend is on the rise. According to the latest census in 2011, more than 60 million residents in the US speak a language at home that’s not English.  There is pressure on the states from the Federal government to provide the same level of care to those who have limited English ability when compared to full English speakers. The 1964 Title VI of the Civil Rights Act prohibits any discrimination based on color, race or national origin. Read More

Clinical Trials

Challenges in Medical Translation for Outsourcing Clinical Trials

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Before a drug is released for public use it has to undergo thorough trials some of which take more than 10 years to complete and can cost at least a million dollars. Not all clinical trials necessarily take place where the drug is produced and these days many take place in Asian countries where the monitoring process and reporting will take place in a language other than English. Translating Clinical Trial papers can only be successful if the medical translators understand the likely pitfalls if the medical translation is not taken seriously.
Breakdown of Clinical Trials Read More