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Materials Translated by Medical Translators

Medical Translations are in a Field of Their Own

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There are many reasons why a medical translation is required and it’s not just to aid communication between medical professionals and their patients but there is a bit more to it than that. Every year numerous medical devices, drugs and other products are marketed by companies around the world. Research about diseases and finding ways to cure them are taking place in countries that don’t speak English. This is where medical translation plays a major role. Read More

How to Choose a Professional Translation Agency

How to Choose a Professional Translation Agency?

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Each translation agency has a different focus and often only concentrates on certain types of orders. Some agencies like to offer cheaper and faster translations and concentrate on clients who aren’t so concerned about quality as long as the gist of the translation can be followed, while others see the importance of providing a premium service with top-notch translators available to meet clients’ translation requirements. So if you need medical translations you are advised to find a medical translation agency which has some experienced translators of medical documents available in your required languages. Read More

Save Lives

An Expert Medical Translation Service Helps to Save Lives

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The whole medical world is unforgiving to mistakes that take place in medical settings.  Just one simple mistake made by a nurse, doctor or other medical practitioners could leave a patient crippled or even lead to complete loss of life. This sort of event is not acceptable today under any circumstances but is entirely avoidable especially if the error is due to a misunderstanding caused by language. Read More

Translations So Expensive

Why Are Medical Translations So Expensive?

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Medical companies have to trust their medical translation service as it’s such a highly specialized field and the translation needs to be accurate. This is why this type of translation is so expensive. Medical companies are fully aware that any language mistake may well put a patient’s outcomes at risk. Due to the unacceptable cost of medical mistakes and the financial burden of malpractice lawsuits and product recalls, medical companies prefer to pay a little more to get a reliable translation as they have an important need for translation. Read More