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Overcome Language Barriers

How to Overcome Language Barriers in Medical Translations

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Health workers dealing with people they can’t understand have to find a way of communicating and breaking down the language barrier.  There could be all sorts of problems if the health worker is unable to get the right message across. In the United States, for example, almost 47 million people over 5 years of age speak a language other than English while at home. Out of that number at least 25% have a limited knowledge of English. This means that at some time or another health professional is going to have to communicate with people who don’t speak a sufficient amount of English. They have to ensure no misunderstanding takes place and there are no barriers to communication in health care.
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Life Science

All You Need to Know About Life Science Translations

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Science translations are more important today than they have ever been. More and more research is being carried out in universities and scientific research institutes in a multitude of languages. For the data collected in research projects there is a need to spread the information far and wide across the globe so that the data can further the research efforts of the global scientist. To share with a large group of scientists it’s important to get the research papers translated into as many different languages as possible so discussions can be had, additions made and conclusions can be drawn as to the value of the research. Read More

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