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Generally, people don’t have much interest in treating medical matters with a sense of humour as normally health issues are a sobering affair. This doesn’t mean the medical profession doesn’t use some strange term.

Below is a Description of Medical Terminology used for Everyday Medical Issues

Limb fell asleep

This is the numb sensation you may feel in a limb when you haven’t shifted your body’s position overnight and you have spent time lying on one side.

Ice cream headaches

Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, or ice cream headache, is when you need to revive your brain after it’s been going through a brain freeze. That’s one of many cool medical terms.

Muscle twitching

Sometimes you may experience a quick flutter beneath your skin which is when a bundle of muscle fibers is spontaneously contracting. One of the cool medical words for this is you are experiencing fasciculation.

Corn on the foot

One of the weird medical terms for a corn on your foot is heloma molle, if it’s soft and heloma durum if it’s hard.

● A bump on the tongue

Transient lingual papillitis is the medical play on words for a small swollen taste bud occasionally found in your mouth.

Ingrowing toenail

There are two cool medical words for an ingrown toenail. onychocryptosis means ‘hidden nail’ and is Greek, while in Latin it’s unguis incarnates, which literally means nail in flesh.

Cheek pinching

Morsicatio buccarum is one of the crazy medical terms for biting inside your cheek by accident.

The wind getting knocked out of you

This doesn’t sound that good but it’s another of the funny medical terms, which in full is written as transient diaphragmatic spasm.


Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter is one of those cool sounding medical terms that means to hiccup.


Try using the word sternutate when you hear someone sneeze. This is one of those fancy medical terms used by the medical community.

Eye Floaters

You may worry sometimes when you see transparent threads floating freely across your eyeball. These are called muscae volitantes, or flying flies, which are small pieces of protein suspended inside your eye in the jelly. That’s one of the weird medical terms you may come across from time to time.

Wetting the bed

Wetting your bed at night is called nocturnal enuresis? During the day it’s called diurnal enuresis. These are fancy medical terms.

Sudden fainting

Some people faint when they see blood and one of the one of the cool medical words for this condition is vasovagal syncope, which is an auto response due to the reaction of the vagus nerve.

Dizzy from standing up far too quickly

Sometimes if you get up quickly you may feel dizzy. This is called orthostatic hypotension. This is another one of the cool sounding medical terms.

Growling and groaning stomach

Borborygmi is the word given for the gurgling and rumbling in the stomach.


If you are late for work with a hangover and your boss asked you why this has happened, you just need to say you were suffering from veisalgia. This term comes from kveis, which is a Norwegian word – just one of the funny medical terms!

Goose bumps

The Latin word horrere, originally meant ‘to bristle,’ or your hair standing on end. Horripilation means goose bumps.

Nose running from the eating of spicy food

Gustatory rhinitis is when you sniff after eating a spicy soup and your nose starts to run.

Joints cracking, popping and creaking

There is a name for this condition and its crepitus, which comes from the Latin crack and rattle.

Shin splints

Shin splints don’t sound too glamorous, but you may find medial tibial stress syndrome is more romantic!

So when you next visit a medical centre listen and see if you can hear any of the healthcare professionals using strange, crazy words and phrases that aren’t in English so are difficult to understand.

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