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English Concepts

English Concepts That Don’t Translate Well Into Other Languages

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The Oxford English Dictionary endeavours to store all known English words and now has some 600,000 words and 3.5 million quotations in its book of English phrases and concepts. There are so many distinct words that don’t have any equivalents in other languages that these languages borrow them and use them as part of their own repertoire of words and quotations rather than provide a language translation from the English translation. Read More

Importance of Medical Translators in Telemedicine

Telehealth: The Importance of Medical Translators in Telemedicine

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Telehealth involves using video to communicate with patients who lack the language skills to communicate with health providers in their own language is set to alter the way healthcare providers interact with their patients.

Hospitals’ use of telemedicine technology has grown by up to 3.5% annually from around 54.5% in 2014 to 61.3 % in 2016. By 2020 approximately 53% of United States hospitals should have installed telemedicine technology. Access to language is effective care for the 25.1 million limited-English proficient individuals in the U.S. Read More

how language barriers impact patient care

How Language Barriers May Affect Patient Care

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In the U.S., individuals in 1 in 5 homes speak a language that’s not English. Research shows that in parts of the country where the English proficiency is less, so are good health outcomes. Those with limited English are more likely to be readmitted to hospital and spend longer in emergency rooms and as outpatients and are more likely to be exposed to adverse medical events. Read More

Language in medical fields

Language Barriers and the Medical Field

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The medical environment is one that attracts the most criticism if medical errors are made, especially if a loss of life is involved or a serious disability is inflicted on an individual. This happens only too often in many different medical settings including in a pharmacy when a pharmacist has written the wrong instructions on a bottle of tablets due to the ineligibility of a doctor’s handwriting. This sort of situation is easily avoidable had the physician taken a minute or two more in writing the instructions. Read More

Family Member

Medical Translations Should Not Be Done By Family Members

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Most countries admit that they don’t offer enough back up to those people in their countries who don’t speak the country’s native language well. Situations arise when a person who doesn’t have full command of their host country’s language falls sick. When this happens, medical staff will want to ask a lot of questions when determining the possible source of the sickness. This is to ensure that the right diagnosis is established. Often a healthcare interpreter is not available to interpret so a family member takes on the role. Read More

Medical Device Translation

The Standards that are Set for Translating Medical Device Information

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In the European Union (EU) alone, the medical devices industry attracts yearly sales that exceed 95 billion euro. It also employs 570,000 people. The EU has 24 official languages that are spread throughout 28 states, 9 more remote regions and 21 territories and overseas countries. If a medical device is to be marketed in the EU that’s an awful lot of translation work to effectively cover every possible language. So basically a medical device is a big deal in the EU. Read More

Experienced Medical Translator

Using an Experienced Medical Translator is Best

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It might be surprising to know that in the United States more than 60 million people speak a language which is not English but is their preferred tongue. This means that people working in the medical profession invariably come across patients that are LEP (Limited English Proficiency). The physician knows that an LEP patient is at risk if there is a problem with understanding one another. Read More

Errors are Unacceptable in Medical Translation

Errors are Unacceptable in Medical Translation

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It cannot be emphasised enough just how important it is that any sort of medical information is presented accurately, concisely and completely. This order of importance takes on new meaning whenever medical text of any sort is translated from one language to another. The prospect of even a simple error is very serious. Any business or government organisation that has anything to do with generating medical information must ensure that they use a professionally qualified medical translator whenever the need for translation arises. Read More

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