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Key Competencies of a Qualified Medical Translator

Key Competencies of a Qualified Medical Translator

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Medical translations need to be accurate, so that means online tools like Google Translate aren’t typically good enough for this type of translation. Also, a medical translator with basic translation skills might not be good enough to do a translation that needs to be clearly understood. Without a qualified medical translator, health care would not be so effective and could possibly be dangerous. Read More

How to Choose a Professional Translation Agency

How to Choose a Professional Translation Agency?

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Each translation agency has a different focus and often only concentrates on certain types of orders. Some agencies like to offer cheaper and faster translations and concentrate on clients who aren’t so concerned about quality as long as the gist of the translation can be followed, while others see the importance of providing a premium service with top-notch translators available to meet clients’ translation requirements. So if you need medical translations you are advised to find a medical translation agency which has some experienced translators of medical documents available in your required languages. Read More

CE Marking and What Are Its Effects On Translation

What Is CE Marking and What Are Its Effects On Translation?

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The European market is vital for most companies selling medical products. These markets assess the quality of the products they buy by insisting that companies which market them have a ”CE” marking. This is important for all distributors, manufacturers and importers which trade on European markets. It is compulsory to have a CE marking on many non-food products which are listed in the CE Directive. This CE marking guarantees that the product complies with regulations set by the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area or EEA. Read More

Cheap translation services - Quality of translation

Healthcare Language Services: Don’t Use The Cheapest!

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In many countries around the world, there has been an increase in immigration of speakers of languages that are not spoken in their host country. This has placed tremendous pressure on both healthcare professionals and patients who in many situations need to be able to communicate effectively to ensure no misunderstandings take place. In the United States alone the number of speakers of a language that’s not English has increased markedly over the last 20 years to about 47 million people.   Read More